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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Upper James River Clean Up Report


James River Association River Rat volunteer John Mays sent this report about a river cleanup on the Upper James.


Another 140 tires and a dump truck full of debris were collected from the Upper James River Water Trail this last week.  This was the 5th year the river clean up event has been conducted in Botetourt County.   The river cleanup efforts were coordinated by Twin River Outfitters out of Buchanan, VA with the logistical help of the Botetourt County Parks and Recreation & Solid Waste departments who help with properly disposing of the collected river trash.  This year the group collected 143 tires, several chairs, two tables, air conditioner, clothing items, and a basket ball with lots of holes in it.  The debris collected filled up a 30 yard dumpster and 1 small dump truck.


The clean up event was sponsored by Botetourt County Parks & Recreation Department, Botetourt Division of Solid Waste, Twin River Outfitters, the Clean Valley Council, and numerous private citizens who all share the goal of a tire free Upper James River.     This year's cleanup efforts were concentrated from Horseshoe Bend to Arcadia boat landings, and from the Iron Gate to the Craig Creek / Eagle Rock river access points.  The clean up was done on several days by Twin River Outfitters staff, with a group of about 14 volunteers concentrating on the section from Springwood to Buchanan Saturday Oct 5, 2013. 

A partial list of river cleanup volunteers included George Delvin, Adam Delvin, Walter Saundberg. Stephen Austin, Jacob Stump, Wayne Patterson, Jackie Stern, Milford Stern, Chris Adelinann, Tim McKee, Valentina Donnini, Zak Keith, Anastasia Donnini, Sharon Keith, James River High School Interact club, John Mays, Dan Mays, Michael Denton, Kevin Brookman, James Manuel, Dan Mays, John Mays, Mike Perdue, and Greg Perdue. 

The river cleanup efforts were started by Twin River Outfitters right as the Upper James River Water Trail initiative was being rolled out.  The outfitter's staff was tired of hearing the comment of "Hey that's a great river, but what's up with all those tires."   That motivated us to do something about it and with the help of many concerned volunteers and support of Botetourt County we are starting to make a difference.  With the 140 tires collected this year the cleanup efforts the group has now removed more than 800 tires from the Upper James River in Botetourt County significant visual difference as you float the river.

Thanks again to all those that helped keep our river looking great. Interested in helping out next year? We have already set next year's river clean up date for Saturday October 4, 2014. To volunteer, contact John and Dan Mays of Twin River Outfitters, 653 Lowe Street, Buchanan, Virginia, 24066. Email tro@canoevirginia.net or phone the office at 540-261-7334.

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