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Monday, May 20, 2013

May 2013 Fishing Blog Post # 2

This is the second of our seasonal blogs for fishing updates on our guided rivers in the Twin Rivers fishing area.  Water temperatures are definitely where they need to be – in the mid 60s.  Fish are currently at their “happy” spot; the water temps and flow are ideal for smallmouths -- you should be able to encounter fish of any size just about anywhere in the streambed.  This past weekend a friend and I floated below Lynchburg and found that the smaller fish were feeding on just about anything, the males of larger size (14” to 16”) were near the banks, and that we had some larger fish that appeared to be spawned out females.  The key here is this:  these larger fish (16” to 19”) were feeding on bait --  larger minnows.  We found that crankbaits and soft plastics that imitated crippled baitfish were the ticket to our larger fish while tubes, grubs, and jig n’ pigs caught a good many of what we call the “male” guarders.  These females, once they have spawned out, will attempt to restock their energy sources by gorging on whatever fills their stomach the fastest.  As long as water temperatures, air temperatures, and flow levels stay close to the moderate levels that we have at this time fishing should be good for all people.  But (there is always an exception somewhere), once the next spawn comes around to its conclusion be prepared for the larger fish to make a nosedive for the bottom of some very deep and dark holes in preparation for the ensuing hot summer months and long periods of light.  For the time being once our air temps get this last bit of early spring out of the way the tiny torpedo should start working real well, especially early in the morning and right before dark.  Keep your fishing line fresh, retie your knot often (constant casting and playing heavier fish wear knots out very fast), and go fishing to your favorite spot . . . . . good luck and remember:  catch a few, handle them carefully, and release the nice ones – you may want to fish again tomorrow.  Contact John or Dan at Twin Rivers if you are interested in a personal guided fishing trip @ canoevirginia.net/ or 540-261-7334.


Richard Furman

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